Holly began her lending career in 1998 at Fidelity. Holly worked multiple jobs as she began to find her passion in helping people with their financing. Holly was exposed to the highs and lows of the market at an early age and developed a keen sense of the importance of exceeding the client’s expectations and providing excellent solutions. Holly, who is married to her husband, CB, has three sons (Cole, Will, and Jake) ages 20, 16, and 5. Holly resides in Marietta, Georgia, and has worked with SMP since 2015. Holly had the vision to build a mortgage practice that closed more than 100 million dollars worth of residential mortgages in one calendar year.

Holly visualized building a team around her that would support that mission, and she has done just that. Holly now has seven dedicated support professionals on her team, and they are invaluable to her success. Holly leads her team in a way that is nothing short of exceptional. Holly’s primary role is to attract clients and consult with them daily about the best mortgage options available to them. Holly has embraced technology at the highest level and has created a second-to-none platform. Her ability to understand and use available products provides a better experience for her clients than ever before. Holly set out to find an easy-to-use communication software to present clients with options properly.

Holly not only attained her goal in 2020, she smashed it. Holly miraculously closed more than 500 loans for more than 150 million in just 12 months. In what will go down in history as the most challenging year in the history of this industry, she not only persevered, but she also thrived. The secret to Holly’s success is her burning passion for providing a lending “experience” rather than viewing the process as a “transaction.” As a result, more than 99% of Holly’s clients would use her again and actively refer her to their friends and family. Holly has continued to ensure that every client matters and matters at the highest level. In addition to her business success, Holly zealously supports multiple charitable causes and has enormously impacted various local and regional places in need of assistance.

Holly has distanced herself from the competition and put herself in the “rarified air” category. Holly is one of the most powerful women in the industry nationwide and will continue to be so throughout the years to come. She is a beacon of light for both Success Mortgage Partners and the industry as a whole.

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