In this week’s Women of Success episode, Kevin chats with Erika King, Loan Officer recruiter with Success Mortgage Partners.

Although Erika is not a loan officer herself, her background and past work experience make her the perfect person to assist struggling loan officers looking for a more fulfilling life. Erika has worked in sales all her life, beginning with her mother’s video store – back in the days of VHS – and has always had a passion for helping others to find their highest success.

Every day, Erika talks with loan officers about various aspects of their business, including what is working for them and what might be causing them distress over their careers. These conversations can change daily in a market that has been constantly on the move and frequently changing the way loan officers carry out their day-to-day activities. Although it may be a challenging job, Erika’s flexibility and compassion make her the right person to talk to as a loan officer who may be struggling during this time.

On the other hand, Erika also gets the pleasure of helping loan officers to find a better way. When she can bring a loan officer to a company that offers the support, resources, and “cheerleading team” they need to lead a better life, her job is complete. Erika lives for the joy she brings to so many loan officers daily who can find new confidence in their work because they have a company that supports them.

Honesty and integrity play a massive role in Erika’s ability to assist these loan officers, and she displays both values graciously with every loan officer she works with. If you are a loan officer looking to find a new or better path to a successful mortgage career, we encourage you to schedule a time to chat with Erika about how she may be able to help. We don’t call her a Woman of Success for nothing!

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