In this episode of our Women of Success series, Kevin Broughton is joined by Denell Salame, Account Executive with the Steve Kyles Team out of Houston, TX! Denell’s passion for making the complicated simple and easing the stress on loan officers across the country separates her team of LOs from others, making her deserving of recognition as one of our outstanding Women of Success!

How she got started as an account executive

During her college years, Denell began her career in the mortgage industry as a receptionist for a mortgage company. When the opportunity arose to train in the loan processing department, she jumped on it! Since learning the ins and outs of the mortgage process, Denell became invested in figuring out ways to make the process easier for the loan officer and the family looking to purchase a mortgage.

She joined the Steve Kyles team nearly nine years ago and has been working on crafting and cleaning up how their team members work together to make a simpler life for their loan officers. Denell believes that loan officers should be able to stay out of their files so they can stay on the sales floor without worrying about the processes being managed behind the scenes.

Trust and Community

As a result of her efforts in developing the team and process needed to ease the duties and responsibilities of loan officers in their branch, Denell says that trust and community are two core values that have been well established within their company. Loan officers can spend more time working on bringing in new business because they can trust their support team to handle the accompanying paperwork and requirements. Additionally, the relationships built between the loan officers, processors, and underwriters allow for better communication and, in turn, a stronger community in the office.

If you are a loan officer looking for a path to a more fulfilling life and easing the mortgage process on yourself and your clients, tune in to learn more about how Denell can help!

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