Our first Mother–Daughter Team joins us on Women of Success. Senior Loan Officer Gayle Geisenhoff-Kennedy and MLO (recently married!) Elyssa Manderfeld, talk about changing careers and getting started in the mortgage business.

Changing Careers

Gayle, a former teacher, put her license on hold when reaching a crossroads in life; go back to teaching or build on her new momentum in the mortgage industry. Elyssa left a tenured position of 10 years in corporate sales, managing multiple offices, after years of begging from Mom to get into the mortgage business! While getting into the mortgage industry now has been “both a blessing and a curse,” Elyssa talks about the unique opportunity of being able to start at ground zero – start over.

Building a Brand Through Service

Both talented women are making their mark on the business and talking about building a brand and an identity. Taking the approach of, “Who can I help today?”. Working together and how truly rewarding it is to have a mother-daughter team, this story is not one to be missed.

Kevin wraps the interview up with questions about what kind of things they’ve done in the last 60 days that have created a positive result and measurable success. These women knock it out of the park – you might want to take notes on this episode of Women of Success!

Women of Success

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