Not many mortgage professionals can say they have spent over 20 years with their mortgage company, but Cecilia Morelli can! Her career with Success Mortgage Partners began nearly 22 years ago as an appraisal team member during her time in college, before Success Mortgage Partners became an official mortgage company. After working with countless loan officers and mortgage professionals throughout her years at SMP and remaining steadfast in her loyalty to the company, she has worked her way up to becoming VP of Corporate Relations!

You may wonder, “How does a company keep its employees committed to their company for so many years?” Or “How does one employee stay committed to the same company for that long?” For Cecilia, she has been a glowing example that when you keep your employees happy, they will never have a reason to leave!

Cecilia, who comes from a strong Italian heritage, has always prioritized her family above all else. When she started a family of her own, SMP allowed her to take the time she needed to become the mother she aspired to be without worrying about her place in the company. In return, during some of the most challenging times for the company, including a flood that destroyed most of their office building, Cecilia returned the same loyalty and dedication to the company – sticking around even when the waters were rough (literally).

When it comes to hiring and retaining employees that will continue to work hard for you, regardless of the circumstances, Cecilia’s work for Success Mortgage Partners is a stunning example of a successful partnership. To learn more about how her kindness, perseverance, and dedication have led her to become one of the longest-lasting members of a successful mortgage company like Success Mortgage Partners, tune in to this episode of #WomenOfSuccess!

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