Kristin began her journey in the mortgage industry as a mortgage processor when she was just 22 years old in Kansas City, MO. After doing that job for 9 years, Kristin decided that she would obtain her mortgage originators license and start her sales career, and she has literally set the world on fire. Her meteoric rise to the top has been nothing short of amazing and she has accomplished more in six years than any other loan originator that I know. 

Kristin is the main character in the book “The Millionaire Loan Officer” written by Scott Hudspeth of the Mortgage Marketing Animals*.  In 2014, Kristin set herself on a path of excellence that has never stopped. She has grown her business in 6 consecutive years, which is extremely rare. Kristin now has 10 personal staff members on her team, and each is as dedicated to the client as she is. 

Kristin lives in Montverde, Florida and is married to her husband, Joe for 13 years. She has three children ages 11, 8 and 4 (Kansas, Maggie, and Joey) who all attend Montverde Academy. Kristin is the epitome of the “community lender” and 90+% of her business comes from the community in which she lives and serves. Kristin has a laundry list of professional accomplishments, including being recognized as Businessperson of the Year in Lake and Sumpter counties in 2020. Also, she serves on the Board of Directors of multiple charities including Partners Making a Difference and New Beginnings, both 503(c) charities. Kristin donates a significant amount of money and time to charitable acts throughout the year, every year.

Kristin has excelled for two definitive reasons, those being her incredible knowledge base and her commitment to client care services. Every loan matters to Kristin and she has the ability to truly understand every specific reality of a borrower’s situation and ensures that they are in the proper mortgage product to accomplish their goals. In addition, she may be the most “referred” mortgage professional in Florida and almost every one of her clients are “Raving Fans”.

Kristin surpassed the 500 mark in closed mortgage transactions in 2020 while lending in excess of 125 million dollars. She is an incredible asset to not only her clients but to Success Mortgage Partners as well. Her true story is amazing, and she continues to amaze every day.

Kristin Jamieson’s NMLS number is 1097663. Her branch address is 16903 Lakeside Drive, Units 1 & 2, Montverde, FL 34756.

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