What are your Top 10 Daily Affirmations? During these troubled times, it’s easy to focus on the negative and the distracting things that are not going to produce a result. In today’s Sales Series episode, Doug Cadaret shares the top 10 affirmations every loan officer should apply to their business to ensure that they stand on top when the market turns and comes back.

Top 10 Daily Affirmations

Do the Work

You must pick up the phone and initiate conversations with your referral partners and people who know, like, and trust us.

Conversation Market

This market is not a unit and volume market but rather a conversation market. The person with the most conversations will come out on top.

Your Relationships

Think about whom you want to have a relationship with when the market comes back, financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, and businesses in your community, all of which we’ve never had time to focus on over the past couple of years.

Examine your Skills

What skills are you applying to your business to overcome the challenges in the marketplace today?

List of Challenges

We also must create a clear list of challenges, literally write out the top 5-10 challenges in your market and then match it with a product that offsets that challenge

Be a Leader

You must be a leader and influencer in the market you serve. We must sell the opportunity of owning real estate.

Own Your Space

Have the data to support your opinions. You must be a scientist of the data both locally, regionally, and nationally.

Pattern Interruption

Learn how to approach a conversation to get the audience to think the way you do.


A powerful tool that is the art of creating a picture that’s longer term to help them overcome short-term challenges.

Be the Most Known

Get out there, have your conversations and be the best-known originator in your area.

We encourage you to take each of these affirmations, read each day and then put them into practice, and you will notice a difference in your business.

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