In this week’s Sales Series, Doug discusses the importance of gratitude and appreciation for your referral partners. December is the perfect time to reach out to your referral partners and past clients and focus on year-end activities. ❄⛄ Can you have 15 conversations a day 4 days a week in December? How many conversations is that in one month? How do these conversations positively affect the first or second quarter of 2023?

Come December 1st, don’t just hang your hats. Start planting seeds for 2023.

“This time when you call and reach them, ask them for three introductions of clients who did not buy a home in the last two years. They’ve got clients who were unable to go under contract. They’ve got clients who signed a lease… The MBA projects that we will see a 25 to 30% increase in closings in Q2 of next year.”

Doug Cadaret shares some insightful information on how showing a little gratitude each day can create huge returns in the immediate future. 💰 Don’t miss this Week’s Sales Series from Doug Cadaret and Success Unlimited! 😎

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