Our favorite loan officer lessons can be taught through success stories, so in today’s Sales Series episode, Doug Cadaret shares the success story of a loan officer named Joe. Joe makes his calls every day, just like any loan officer, but in this lesson of consistency and endurance, Joe’s unique experience brings him the ultimate payoff in just a few months.

Joe calls a whale – a realtor who is a mega producer in his area – and asks to set up a coffee meeting. On the second phone call, he finally gets ahold of her, only to find out that her husband is her loan officer partner, and she will likely never send him any referrals. Here’s where Joe’s story differs: most loan officers would accept this rejection and move on. Instead, Joe tells her he is not looking for new business; he’s looking to make new connections and asks if he can follow up with her from time to time. She agrees, expecting he will never call her again.

Over the next few months, Joe calls her every single week. After trying her for fourteen weeks, she finally picks up again. She tells Joe that she has never met a loan officer with as much persistence and dedication to a follow-up routine as him; she was thoroughly impressed. Joe appreciates her kind words and decides to ask her for coffee once again. This time, she agrees and offers to bring her loan officer husband along for the meeting as he has been struggling with production with his current mortgage company.

Three weeks later, the realtor’s husband is now one of Joe’s top-producing loan officers! If there were one thing we would encourage you all to take from this lesson, consistency and a solid follow-up routine can make a world of difference in your business, and you never know the good that may come from these consistent habits!

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