An essential part of being a loan officer is to establish a group of real estate agents to work with that you know, like, and trust. To find these individuals, you first need to meet in person and determine whether they qualify as solid referral partners for you and your business. Most of us know how to qualify an agent as a good fit based on their buy size and production.

However, as loan officers, we often do not consider that the agents we meet with are looking to accomplish a similar qualification process to us in deciding whether we should be their trusted loan officer partner. So, how can we qualify and prove ourselves to potential realtor partners and demonstrate to them that working with us will be mutually beneficial to both of our businesses?

In today’s Sales Series, Doug Cadaret breaks down the four questions you can ask potential partners to qualify yourself as a reliable and successful loan officer partner. Your first meeting with any potential partner ultimately sets the stage for your relationship with that agent, so putting your best foot forward is crucial.

When considering each of these questions, Doug also provides the answers many realtor partners may give. Although they may seem trivial or obvious, we must take our answers a step further to qualify ourselves. Doug teaches us how we can go the extra mile in proving that our performance and our standards for working with clients go above and beyond that of other loan officers. As a result, we can separate ourselves from the crowd as the loan officer any agent would want to work with.

If you’re curious to learn more about establishing your credibility with new realtor partners, tune in to this episode of our Sales Series, and then try it out on your own!

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