C.A.R.E. stands for Creating Another Referable Experience. So often in today’s mortgage industry, we say words like “deal” and/or “transaction”. Imagine if those words were off-limits and you had to replace them with the word “experience” 100% of the time. How would your clients feel? How likely would they be to refer someone to you? How would they communicate your value?

My friend, Doug Cadaret, founded this operational platform and utilizes it for each and every client in his practice. I now know at least 50 loan officers that have adapted it into their practices. I KNOW it works and works well. We will explore what this model exists of and you could implement immediately, without it costing one cent! Our internal poll shows that a borrower who rates their experience a “10” is 13 times more likely to refer a future client than a person who had a “mediocre or acceptable” experience.

The CARE model assists loan originators and their teams at every facet of the loan process with concrete steps designed exclusively to create an “experience” and garner the ability to receive a referral. If you are not achieving these results with EVERY client, you may be missing out on life-changing money and growth opportunities in your business.

The CARE model will clearly lay out how the Referral Equation works (CC+RG+C=RR).

Tune in to our Unlimited Success link below to see Doug illustrate a 4-minute video on how to implement this in your business today!

Published On: March 8th, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing /