My “Freedom Mentor”, Carl White of the Mortgage Marketing Animals** has taught me some truly invaluable lessons over the past decade. Of all the things I have learned from Carl, the most important has been perfecting the “Triad of Awesomeness”. First introduced to me by Jim Collins of “Good to Great” fame, I never actually implemented the technique until 2012, after talking to Carl. This simple yet monumental exercise has changed my life above all others.

I urge everyone here who is seeking a more fulfilling business to partake in this process. For it to produce optimal results, write down EVERYTHING you do for a ten-day stretch of time (consecutive workdays). I literally mean each and everything. After completion for the two weeks, take a highlighter and identify ONLY the tasks that meet the following criteria:

  1. You love to do the task
  2. You are great at the task
  3. You earn money each time you perform the task

What I believe you will find (or at least I did!) is that you are spending a plethora of weekly hours doing things you do not like, are not great at, and that does not make you money. The quicker you can STOP doing these things, the sooner you will be on the trail to freedom and prosperity. It is not easy. You will need time to perfect this because you most likely will not have the resources to delegate each task that does not fit the “Triad”. Do not get discouraged, it is attainable over time if you have a plan and discipline (there’s that damn word again!)

The bottom line is very simple, we are happiest (and most productive) when we are doing things we love, are great at, and make us money. If you truly desire this outcome, above all else, you will find a level of freedom that may seem unattainable today. When a Loan Originator gets to this level, everything changes. Our studies also show that the income levels from those perfecting this escalate exponentially.

Tune in for the next session of the Success Unlimited Sales Series where our mission is to assist Loan Originators nation-wide to have the best life possible, regardless of how they each personally define Success!

Published On: March 8th, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing /