We each have a choice, every day. That choice is to either run your day or have your day run you. Obviously, the former is more desirable. In times of massive volume increases, this choice becomes increasingly more difficult.  However, the best of the best in the mortgage industry have mastered this and reaped the benefits of this mastery.

The problem associated with running your day versus the alternative is that it requires discipline and that is not always the strong suit of many Loan Originators. What got most of us to the “top” in our industry is an uncanny ability to “sell” and most salespeople in the country usually possess either great sales ability or uncommon discipline, but usually not both. The good news is that a culture of discipline can be “learned” and perfected through implementing a few basic strategies, each of which will be covered below.

My observations of those who “run their day” is that they place a true premium on the value of being productive rather than busy. I think we can all relate to being “busy” especially in the past 12 months. The top performers that I know would trade 2 hours of “productive” for 10 hours of “busy” any day of the week (and I would too!)

Five concrete ways to start running your day are:

  1. Spend the first 15-20 minutes EVERY day by making a list of the highest revenue-creating activities that you can perform and the absolute “must do’s” that are required to be accomplished. This list usually averages 5-12 tasks.
  2. Simultaneously create an “I will NOT do” list as well, usually 1-3 on this one!
  3. Utilize your calendar to block a minimum of 2 hours in “blocks” (can be as little as 30 minutes each) where outside contacting of you is impossible. Call for details***
  4. Delegate at LEAST 5 tasks a day that you have historically done to another person.
  5. Finish your day with a 15-minute re-cap and “grade” yourself on performance, do this every day.

Try this for three weeks, fifteen business days in a row, without fail. I have yet to find 1 person who has implemented this and not increased efficiency, not ONE! This simple, easy strategy will start you on the path to discipline, which will soon have you running your day, not the day running you!

Tune in for the next session of the Success Unlimited Sales Series where our mission is to assist Loan Originators nation-wide to have the best life possible, regardless of how they each personally define Success!

Published On: March 8th, 2021 / Categories: Content Marketing /