How many loan officers do you know that are on track to EXCEED their 2021 closing amount in 2022? We know one, and that loan officer is John Flieg, who also happens to be this week’s #FrontPageSuccess star! 🤩

Many, if not most, loan officers across the country saw the most successful/profitable years of their careers in 2020-2021. However, with interest rates rising, many loan officers now struggle to maintain that same business level in today’s market. But, while others were busy focusing on closing as many loans and making as much money as possible over the last two years, John and his team were busy implementing principles that would set them up for success no matter what the mortgage market presented. Rather than building a great income, John and his team wanted to build a great business. So, what steps did John take to develop his business into the well-oiled machine it is today?

First, he established clarity for both himself, personally, and his team as to what their goals as a business were. Then, he redirected his focus on performing only high revenue-producing activities and participating in those tasks that would create more business for him while eliminating all other low revenue-producing activities. Finally, John executed his strategy and ideas by creating a stronger team and removing any roadblocks that could hinder him from building a successful business that could withstand any condition.

As a result, at the turn of the mortgage market in 2022, the principles John set into place last year have allowed him to succeed in an otherwise highly challenging market for loan officers. He is currently on track to exceed his total closing amount in 2021, reaching over $50M in total closed loans!

To learn more about John’s business model, leadership style, and other tips for success, tune in to this week’s Front-Page Success story and consider adopting a few of these practices into your business!

Loan Officer John Fleig

Loan officer John Fleig

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