While many loan officers focus on creating partnerships with real estate agents, Don Moll decided to do something different with his business. Boy has it paid off! His journey is worthy of a Front-Page Success story. He is sharing all the details with Kevin Broughton today!

Trying Something Different

When Don Moll started as a loan officer in the mortgage industry, he knew he wanted to do something different. He knew that loan officers frequently targeted realtors when asking for referrals. He also knew that he could not be the third or fourth loan officer on an agent’s list to stand out. So, Don dove into a unique area of the mortgage industry: divorce and mortgage planning. After earning his first designation as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, he shifted his focus toward developing relationships with professionals in the divorce industry.

Since the beginning of this year, when he first shifted his attention towards this division of the mortgage industry, Don has seen a massive uptick in terms of the number of referrals and clients he has received from divorce planning professionals. From CPAs to financial advisors to therapists and a variety of other professionals within the divorce industry outside of just the attorneys are referring their clients to Don for their mortgage needs. Who doesn’t love bringing in more business, right?

Key Insights

During this interview with Kevin, Don explains some of the challenges he has encountered over his time as a mortgage lender specializing in divorce mortgage planning. He also highlights some of the key characteristics and skills a loan officer needs to succeed in working with these particular types of mortgage loans. As with any referral partner, there is a list of best practices for connecting with these types of professionals, which Don shares with Kevin in this interview as well!

If you or someone you know may be interested in diving into this unique market of mortgage and divorce, we encourage you to tune in to this special episode of Front-Page Success with Don Moll!

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Loan officer Don Moll

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