What is Trust Engine?

Trust Engine is an advanced app designed for mortgage professionals to streamline and enhance their client interactions. It integrates with Sales Boomerang to provide real-time notifications and detailed borrower insights, allowing users to prioritize and manage opportunities effectively. The app offers features like borrower engagement tracking, contact options, and customizable communication scripts, all accessible directly from a smartphone. This helps mortgage professionals showcase their expertise, stay connected with potential clients, and provide personalized, timely service to meet borrowers’ needs efficiently.

How does Trust Engine Compliment Sales Boomerang?

Trust Engine complements Sales Boomerang by enhancing its borrower intelligence capabilities with a user-friendly mobile app that makes actionable insights readily accessible. While Sales Boomerang provides real-time alerts about borrowers’ financial activities and potential opportunities, Trust Engine organizes these alerts and prioritizes them for easy follow-up. The app allows mortgage professionals to quickly contact borrowers via call, text, or email, directly from their smartphones. It also provides scripts and detailed borrower information to facilitate personalized and informed communication. Together, they enable mortgage professionals to efficiently manage and convert leads, ultimately improving their service and closing rates.

Move Beyond Trigger Alerts



Success Mortgage Partners was one of three IMBs to gain access to Trust Engine prior to wide release. SMP has a strong history of relationships with our vendors and third-party suppliers, enabling us to stay on the bleeding edge of what’s available in the Mortgage Technology Space.