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Real talk from real Success Mortgage Partners sales team members.

Sue Meitner

“We are stronger together; they allow me to be me…”

Joined SMP in December, 2018

Nathan Soliday

“With SMP, I’ve definitely found a home…”

Joined SMP in June, 2016

Louis Tulio

“I truly feel that the executive team have a concerted effort to really care about me personally…”

Joined SMP in December, 2018

Laura Geiger

“They care about my customers as much as I do…”

Joined SMP in February, 2020

Kyle Bradley

“They get it on the back end and understand what we’re looking to do on the loan officer front…”

Joined SMP in January, 2023

Kyla Whitmore

“They are constantly focused on what I need to be doing in my business to be better…”

Joined SMP in December, 2019

Kimberly Johnson

“I knew there was a company that would support and give the support…”

Joined SMP in April, 2022

Ken Prost

“They invest in our success, technology, and goals…”

Joined SMP in November, 2021

Kathy Delbridge

“If you’re looking for a mortgage company that will care about your personal values, treat you like family…”

Joined SMP in September, 2013

Jason Sprague

“They are focused on what my business is; from their operations, down to their funding…”

Joined SMP in March, 2014

Holly Walther

“I can honestly say that these individuals have done everything they’ve promised, to ensure my success…”

Joined SMP in July 2016

Danielle Prost

“They want you to succeed and value the relationship you have with the referral partners, always looking for ways to get things done.”

Joined SMP in November, 2021

Brian Methner

“Success has provided me and my family a constant; I’m thankful everyday…”

Joined SMP in May, 2011

Andy Dautrich

“I’m here to tell you that these guys are the real deal…”

Joined SMP in February, 2020

Adam Klugh

“I was looking for a place that was invested in my success…”

Joined SMP in November, 2018