Steve Vargem

Regional Business Development Director

A Record-Setting Revenue Generator and Accomplished Athlete.

Steve M. Vargem is a Financial Architect with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry, focusing on Residential and Commercial Capital Markets. Steve Vargem has successfully generated record-setting revenues and developed new business opportunities. Steve Vargem has served as a Board Member of the BASF Builders’ Association of South Florida and the Florida Homebuilders’ Association as District 7 Vice President. He is a member of the National Homebuilders’ Association.

Steve Vargem completed his Bachelor of Science in Business at Kansas State University. His experience in the financial industry includes serving as CFO at Trust One Mortgage for seven years, where he directed a 140-member wholesale, retail, and operations team while increasing profits by $122 million. In addition to

Steve Vargem’s professional expertise in financial markets, he was a professional athlete in both football and martial arts. In martial arts, Steve Vargem has a Black Belt in the Kempo Karate 5X National Championship. In his spare time, he devotes his experience to coaching and mentoring professionals looking to succeed in the financial services sector.

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Regional Business Development Director
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