Stephanie Adams & Vanessa Ng

Guiding Dreams and Embracing Adventure

In the world of mortgage experts, Stephanie Adams and Vanessa stand out as dedicated advocates for homeownership and pillars of their respective communities. Stephanie, a devoted Dog Mom and world traveler, believes every journey starts somewhere, and she’s committed to making that journey as smooth as possible. With over 12 years of unwavering commitment, Vanessa combines her educational foundation with real-world experience, shaping her into a seasoned professional.

Stephanie’s path to the mortgage business began unexpectedly at a career fair. The encounter with Residential Finance Corporation made her realize her knowledge gaps despite her impressive educational background. Intrigued by the prospect of learning more, she dove into the mortgage world and hasn’t looked back. Under the mentorship of industry luminaries like Dale Vermillion, Barry Habib, and Carl White, Stephanie’s lending journey has been shaped by the best.

Stephanie Adams
Stephanie Adams
Vanessa Ng

On the other hand, Vanessa started her journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the prestigious University of South Florida. Her entry into the mortgage industry straight out of college was a twist of fate, as she stumbled upon Residential Finance Corp at a career fair. This call center-based experience primarily focused on refinances, offering Vanessa a unique perspective on diverse loan scenarios that later proved invaluable in her transition to purchase loans.

Stephanie and Vanessa ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing their own thriving branch in the mortgage world. Stephanie’s dedication to her clients is evident in her commitment to providing a judgment-free zone. In contrast, Vanessa’s commitment to excellence has elevated her to a leadership position, overseeing a dynamic team of accomplished loan officers.

Beyond their home financing roles, Stephanie and Vanessa lead exciting lives outside the mortgage world. Stephanie shines as the TV Host of “Financing the American Dream,” a nationally recognized show focusing on lifestyle and real estate, featured on CNBC, Travel Channel, Netflix, MSNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV. Her efforts have garnered numerous accolades, including an Emmy Nomination and five Telly Awards. Through the show, she showcases not only homes but also charitable causes, always seeking to uplift her community.

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The outdoor enthusiast, Vanessa finds joy in exploring new destinations, navigating the waters on a boat, and cherishing treasured moments with friends and family. Her zest for life extends to her hobbies, which include playing the saxophone, enjoying outdoor activities like golf, basketball, and skating, and attending live concerts that resonate with her love for life’s melodies.

In their personal lives, Stephanie is married to Blair Willis, and her family consists of her beloved dog, Snuggies, and her feline companion, Dali. Vanessa, engaged to Kayrina for 12 years, has a fur baby, Bentley, a 12-year-old Pomeranian, filling her life with unconditional love.

Stephanie’s spare time is dedicated to the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale, where she channels her leadership skills into charitable and educational initiatives. In her downtime, Vanessa relishes good food and active pursuits, always on the move and continually turning aspirations into reality.

Stephanie Adams and Vanessa aren’t just mortgage experts but beacons of guidance, empowerment, and community spirit. With them, dreams find a way home, and life’s adventures reach new heights.