Introducing this week’s SU Superhero, reverse mortgage director Regina Eldridge! As the Director of the Reverse Mortgage Department at Success Mortgage Partners, Regina is the hero we all need when accessing the equity in our homes!

Regina’s vast experience and knowledge in specializing in reverse mortgages have made her an excellent advocate for the program, educating borrowers and loan officers alike on the actual value of these types of mortgages many people may not be aware of!

A common misconception many people believe about reverse mortgages is that homeowners who live mortgage-free and choose to apply for a reverse mortgage will no longer own their home once they access this program. This stigma has deterred many borrowers from this program over the years, but thankfully, this is not the case! In this interview, Regina explains how a reverse mortgage allows borrowers over 62 to take advantage of their home equity without worrying about repaying the loan. A reverse mortgage can be a fantastic money-saving tool for retired homeowners!

So, loan officers, how can a reverse mortgage benefit you? For many of your clients currently filing for their first mortgage, a reverse mortgage may seem like a distant dream, years from coming to fruition. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that as a new generation of homeowners arises, the parents of these homeowners may be approaching an age and time in their lives where a reverse mortgage can be the perfect retirement program for them.

Regina has found that many of her department’s recent reverse mortgage clients have been acquired through the children of homeowners calling FOR their parents, hoping to repeat the positive experience they had in obtaining a loan themselves.

Tune in to this week’s SU Superhero series to hear more about the reverse mortgage program and how Regina might be the saving grace YOU need for assisting qualifying clients!

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