Ryan Surratt

Making every client feel valued and respected.

Ryan Surratt pastored for five years at the Damascus Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas. Ryan and his wife lived in the church parsonage while he saved up enough money to buy his own home. He contacted a local lender to purchase land near the church. During the closing, she suggested that Ryan work with her part-time. That’s where he began his journey through the mortgage business.

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Ryan and Mandy

Ryan joined Success Mortgage Partners as a Success Unlimited Adviser and loan officer. He loves the togetherness and collaboration among the company’s top loan officers.

“I have many stories of how we ‘pulled a rabbit out of a hat,’ but the best one is about helping a young man named Marshal to buy his first home,” Ryan told Success Unlimited. “He and his wife were dating while I was their youth pastor. I watched them grow up and get married. Then I was able to help them with their first home purchase. I structured their loan so that all he owed was $5 at closing. He and his wife made modest improvements to their home, and after just two years, they sold it and made $50,000 in profit!”

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Ryan's Family

Ryan married his wife, Mandy, in February 2010. They have four boys; Christian, Shepherd, Bishop, and Kingston. They enjoy regular visits to the Caldwell Zoo and Tyler Junior College (Tyler, TX). Ryan’s family enjoys seeing the animals, attending shows about science and space, and getting ice cream together.

Ryan graduated from Texas A&M University (Go Aggies!). As a proud Texan, he is a massive fan of the Mavericks (NBA) and the Cowboys (NFL). His family regularly attends local school sporting events. To stay active, he enjoys swimming, biking, and competitive running. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about finance, stocks, business and personal development, and Christian literature, including the Bible.

Ryan and his family.