Who is Nathan…

Furthering a legacy of focus on people and relationships.

Joining Success Mortgage Partners (SMP)

My decision to join SMP was driven by a fundamental alignment in values, particularly the importance placed on people over profits. A visit to SMP’s offices in Plymouth, MI, revealed a culture deeply rooted in family and community, echoing my own priorities. Observing no accolades but rather personal mementos in leaders’ offices, I knew SMP was where I could make a significant impact, furthering a legacy of focus on people and relationships.

A commitment to ethical practices and client success.

Nathan’s Story

With seventeen years in the mortgage industry, my journey through various roles has been marked by a commitment to ethical practices and client success. My entry into the mortgage business was as dramatic as it was transformative. Initially at Wells Fargo Acceptance, a pivotal moment came when I advised a young couple against a detrimental financial decision, a choice that led to an unexpected career shift to First Residential Mortgage. Here, my resolve and sales acumen propelled me to become a top loan officer, consistently leading in units and volume.


I embarked on my educational journey at the University of Kentucky, earning two degrees in business before obtaining a marketing degree from the University of Louisville. My quest for deeper understanding then led me to Indiana Wesleyan University, where I completed a Master’s degree in Servant Leadership and Business. This academic path was not just about gathering knowledge, but about discovering a more effective way to conduct business.


Married to Jamie Nicholson since October 29, 2012, our meeting at a baseball game led to a swift proposal five months later. We are proud parents to Emeri, aged eight, and Saylor, aged five, both of whom share our competitive spirit and love for the outdoors. Our family time is often spent engaging in sports, enjoying our backyard fire-pit, or exploring new adventures together.

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Interests and Hobbies

In my spare time, I am deeply involved in real estate investing and coaching, helping others build legacies. An entrepreneur at heart, I constantly explore new ideas, whether improving business strategies or enhancing family dynamics. My hobbies reflect my entrepreneurial spirit and my dedication to building lasting relationships and community ties.


From a remarkable start in sales to a prominent career in the mortgage industry and a fulfilling personal life, my journey is a testament to the power of integrity, leadership, and relentless pursuit of improvement. At SMP, I look forward to continuing to build on these values, shaping a future where people truly come first.