Our team is here to help YOU unlock Unlimited Success! We provide various tools, tips, and strategies that, when appropriately implemented into a mortgage business, have led loan officers across the country to bring in more business, make more money, and have more time for themselves and their families. Check out our various video series below and have your notepads ready! By utilizing the tools and strategies we’ve shared below in your mortgage business, we promise you’ll be able to lead a more fulfilling life as a loan officer in no time! 

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Learn how to:
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“Run your day. Don’t let the day run you. Kevin Broughton and his team will be happy to help guide you toward financial freedom.”

Front-Page Success Series

Have you ever wondered how the top-producing loan officers in the country became those top producers? Where did they start? What values did they prioritize to establish and develop such a successful business? How can I tailor my mortgage business to produce similar results?

Our Front-Page Success Series includes a variety of video testimonials from some of the top-producing loan officers in the mortgage industry, where they answer these questions and more! These incredible loan officers have achieved an outstanding level of success over the last two years, making them worthy of a Front-Page news story!

Women of Success Series

Empowered women empower women, and we are a company full of influential ladies! This series highlights some of the most outstanding women in the mortgage industry, from loan officers to operations staff to Division leaders! Each woman shares their story and experiences about being a woman in a male-dominated industry and how they’ve navigated their way to such immense success through hard work, endurance, and a few tricks up their sleeve! Tune in to find out more.

Success Unlimited Superhero

When the market is in trouble, who comes to save the day?! Our SU Superheroes! Industry experts such as Dave Savage of Mortgage Coach, Alex Kutsishin of Sales Boomerang, and other career-saving mortgage leaders share their thoughts on the industry and how you can better your business through various programs and resources available to you.

Mortgage Market Minute

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and Dave Sparling is here through it all to keep you updated on the most recent mortgage market updates! This short and sweet series comprises 60-second videos updating you on the Fed’s latest announcements, recent changes in the market, or drastic adjustments to look out for as a loan officer this week. By turning on your notifications for these video updates, you will receive real-time, easy-to-watch video updates from the VP of Capital Markets at Success Mortgage Partners, Dave Sparling.

Sales Series

Learning how to sell yourself and your business can be tricky. Not all of us were born salesmen/women, but we can learn! In this video series, Kevin Broughton and Doug Cadaret share tips and strategies for bringing in new business and making more sales. Each tip comes from their personal experiences and experiences of top-producing loan officers Kevin and Doug have worked with in the past.

For those of you who are looking to find new ways to start bringing in new clients, securing new loans, and developing a relationship with new referral partners that will last, we encourage you to peruse these videos today!

Business Boost

Need a little boost? Check out our Business Boost series! In these short, 60-second or less videos, Doug and Kevin share quick and easy tips for boosting your business that you can implement TODAY! Similar to our Sales Series, these are small, simple pieces of advice that don’t require much effort to implement. Whether it’s how to bring clarity to your team, when to ask for new business, or what 30-second task you can do once a week to bring in up to 30% more referrals – this series will give you just the boost you need to bring your business to life!

State of the Industry

The mortgage industry is constantly changing. What we thought was true 90 days ago may not be the case today. CEO of Success Mortgage Partners and MBA Board Member, Owen Lee, shares quarterly updates on the State of the Industry in this video series.

As a mortgage professional with over 20 years of experience and an active member of numerous Mortgage associations, Owen’s knowledge of the industry is unparalleled to that of any other mortgage gurus you know! These videos provide quarterly insights on the outlook of the mortgage market in its current state, what we anticipate seeing in the coming months, and how these outlooks and predictions can affect your business as a loan officer.

Tech Tip

With great technology comes great success. What programs do you have in your tech stack? Are they benefiting you in the way that great technology should, or are you looking to add new programs to your system that might be a better fit? Tune in to this Tech Tip series to hear from our tech experts on the best software and programs to maximize your business and your results as a loan officer in today’s market!

Ladies in Lending 

For all our female loan officers visiting the page, we encourage you to join our Facebook group: Ladies in Lending! Ladies in Lending is a safe space designed to be a resource for success and a catalyst for change industry-wide. This Facebook group was built to empower and encourage, offer advice and support, and develop new relationships with other Ladies in Lending. Click here to join the group today.