Dan Goncalo

Meet the man who never met a stranger.

Dan Goncalo served in the United States Navy from June 1985 to his retirement in June 2005. As a part of his service, he attended the Reykjavik Summit, the second meeting between U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. “I was within arm’s length away from shaking President Reagan’s hand,” Dan recalled, “and was cut off by a civilian woman who told him to hurry home because Nancy had dinner waiting.”

Dan and his wife Lynn

Dan and his daughter Mara

Since his retirement, Dan has served as a recruiter and recruiting manager in the mortgage industry. He spent most of that time recruiting in the retail space, some 17 years.

He started as a loan officer at Aegis Lending shortly after he retired from the Navy. On the first day at Aegis Lending, he received a phone call from a Navy friend. That friend offered him a position at Chase as a recruiter because “Dan has never met a stranger.”

Dan joined Success Mortgage Partners in 2023. “I joined SMP because I wanted to be part of something better than the rest,” Dan told Success Unlimited. “I was looking for an organization that valued the level of experience its employees possess and, at the same time, leveraged that experience with the tools the organization utilizes to be successful. I was looking for an organization I could call home until I retire.”

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Dan has been with his beautiful wife, Lynn, for over 31 years. They have two children, Alyssa (27) and Cameron (22). Dan has one daughter, Mara, from a previous marriage. In total, Dan has four amazing grandchildren.

Dan enjoys family trips on the water, where they fish for bass and other deep-water fish. He has also fished competitively and was a contestant on season 11 of Strike King’s Force on Force.

Dan also enjoys cooking (“some say I missed my calling”), learning to play guitar, singing in his band (Bet’n Man), and attending classic rock and blues concerts.

Bet'n Man

The Jackie Don Loe Band
(from left to right: Dan, Mike, Jackie, and Doug)

From left to right:
Dan, Alyssa (daughter), Joey (son-in-law), Cameron (son), Lynn (wife), Ethan (grandson, front)